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Why Creativity is SO Dang Good for Mental Health

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Activating your own creativity has amazing benefits for your mental health. Don't believe me? Take a look at the 5 top reasons why creativity is SO dang good for your mental health.

1-Creativity builds and expands the mind. 

By being creative, you tap into the true you. Remind yourself who you are, what you've been through and where you could go. Creative expression builds and strengthens neural pathways, literally building the brain as you go. So, making that amazing casserole is actually beefing up your brain. Who knows, you may inspire yourself!

-strengthen your brain


2-Get to know you.

When you're creative you make something. 

-Build something

-Write something 

-Think something

-tell something 

-do something 

That shows outwardly who you are inside. Creating is a chance to get to know yourself better. Feel out those unprocessed moments or feelings and accept yourself who you are, where you are. 

3- Creativity can improve your self esteem.

"I am who I am"


Creative expression allows you to transmute energy and make something beautiful out of something happy, not understood or even painful. Seeing a finished product makes you proud of yourself. Looking back at your painting after hours of work, seeing your dog win first in show or scaling that mountain is empowering and reminds you how awesome you are. Look what you can do! Look what you did. Feel good and be proud of the end results of your creative expression. You're being the best you you can be.

4- Creativity connects

Creativity connects people through perspective. Impact people in meaningful ways. By being creative and expressing yourself you connect with others in a relatable way. Someone may see their childhood in your painting, or their grandpa in your speech. You never know and you may never find out the impact you have on someone to see and accept themselves and feel understood.

5- Creativity shows who you are. 

Creative expression is self expression. We are all different in this world- made up of tiny little quirks and experiences. With creative expression you show the world who you are and what you value. You express your perspective. Make a positive impact on the world. Who knows whose life you'll touch by singing that song or finally publishing that book of poems?

In short, get off your butt and do it. Don't judge yourself harshly, accept what is and create. Express. GET. IT. OUT! Creativity improves the brain, helps you love yourself, connects others and most importantly express yourself. There is no-one in the world like you. Bloom, baby and create something today.

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