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Stressed? Lean into Your Hobbies

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This is often one of the first questions one is asked when meeting someone new. Why is this question important? Well, when someone shares their hobbies they share their passion. Let's start off by defining a hobby. What is a hobby anyway? A hobby is something you do purely for enjoyment?  This can be anything from bird watching to competitive eating, truly anything. The point of a hobby is to 

get out of the 

daily grind 

...of the "have-tos". What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Take an honest look inward and answer the question- when was the last time you made time to just play?

Benefits and origin of play 

Babies are some of the best teachers on how to play. Playing is how babies learn. The ideal hobby to enrich your life is something you will learn and practice. Consistent hobbies in your weekly routine resets the brain and balances the feel good hormones. 

Who wants to be in fight or flight mode 24/7?

How do I get out of my stress? The answer is do something purely for fun.  Hobbies keep your mind from living in constant survival mode AND beefs up your serotonin levels. So hobbies literally make you a happier you! Win!

Be Well Rounded

Having hobbies gives you something to talk about with your friends. Hobbies bring people together. People who share hobbies share passions. Hobbies and play are important for adults to continue to grow and learn. Your hobbies lead you to your tribe of people. People who share your interests. People who genuinely want to listen to what you have to say about your latest kayaking adventure or cross-stitch project. Who knows who you may meet at that next 5k or painting with a twist class? New bestie? Future mentor? Maybe even Mr. Mrs. or Mx. Right?

What if I don't have a hobby? 

What hobby should I do? How to choose a hobby or how to start a new hobby? First ask yourself, 

What am I interested in?

What were my favorite classes?  are a wonderful place to find or deepen an existing interest. Think of What are things you naturally gravitate to? Hobbies are supposed to be fun. That's the whole point. So no- work doesn't count! Hobbies are activities built in to your routine simply for fun. What is life all about if we can't have fun sometimes? Work hard, play hard is the saying. I live by this. 

Balance work and play. 

Maintaining a work/play balance is so important. Learning new things, meet new people and have something fun to talk about are just some of the benefits of hobbies and play in a well rounded adult. So join a club, enroll in a course on Shillshare. Get to know yourself better. What makes you tick? Basically, make sure you enjoy your life! We only get one as far as I know, so make it a good one, people. Your time on Earth is precious and valuable. Truth is, life is short. So get out there and get your hobby on!

What is your favorite hobby? 

Let me know in the comments!