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Staying Healthy in 2020, A Candid Interview With a Naturopathic Doctor

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Staying healthy can be a challenge. ESPECIALLY in the middle of a global, seemingly never ending pandemic. We all have had to adjust in 2020. And we are all doing our best to stay on top of our health. I was very excited to work on this project, dive in head first and learn as much as I could from Dr. Michael Morse, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and founder of ND Consult Live. Get ready to get easy practical tips to uplevel your self care as Dr. Morse shares practical ways to stay more than healthy, to thrive in 2020 despite a global pandemic.

In today’s society, this is the typical process for navigating a health problem, experience a problem, suffer, need relief, find a doctor that takes your insurance, make an appointment with said doctor. Answer the following questions, “What’s your name? What hurts? What are you allergic to? What pharmacy do you use?” Receive a prescription to treat the problem, go about your merry way. This is the path of questioning most commonly traveled in Western medicine. Sound familiar?

Dr. Morse always wanted to be a doctor, “not a pill pusher.” Not that MDs only push pills, but Dr. Morse was more interested in a more holistic approach. When he found Naturopathic medicine in his own health journey, he experienced real change in his own human experience. Dr. Morse worked hard to become a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor to share that real change with others and he continues to change the lives of his patients he cares for.

I asked Dr. Morse to explain a little to me about what Naturopathic medicine is and what he does as a Naturopathic Doctor, ND. 

“We are trained in Western medicine, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy and Physical medicine. We kind of get everything… What really separates us is we really spend a lot of time with our patients. Usually our first visit with a patient is about an hour long... We all have our specialty, mine is in Environmental medicine... What really sets us apart from MD's is we are not just suppressing symptoms, [we are] getting to the root cause of the issue.

Laying unprecedented groundwork, Dr. Morse is opening doors for patients who may never have had access to see a Naturopathic Doctor. With his Nationally-accessible platform, ND Consult Live, Dr. Morse empowers patients from rural America to populated cities across the U.S., access to Licensed Naturopathic doctors. “If you’re going to see a Naturopathic Doctor, you need to make sure that the person you’re seeing has a license to practice medicine and went to an accredited school.” ND Consult Live makes that easy.

Dr. Morse shared one of the 6 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine, “Vis medicatrix naturae,” which translates to the awareness of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. “We are allowing the wisdom of the body to do what it is supposed to do.”

Your body was designed for a purpose, friends. The body is a system with many pieces. These pieces work together to propel you forward to your next moment, experience in life. As a researcher in health and wellness this universal truth seems to ring true, experience after experience

 I write to empower all people to tap into the well of endless energetic capability from within. We are but one piece of an ever-expanding universe. When we detach from labels, problems and sickness, we realize our capabilities to care for ourselves. When we empower our wellness in a natural and holistic way, we recognize and nurture the body's wisdom and the importance to care for all parts of the self. Caring for all parts of the self empowers us to perform at maximum wellness in all realms of mind, body and spirit.

Now I know my readers are health conscious. I know you've been doing your best to take good care of yourself. Unintentionally, perhaps some of the ways we have approached “staying healthy” have actually been hurting us along the way. I asked Dr. Morse to share some practical tips for my readers as to how we can approach healthiness in a natural way in 2020.

“It’s really easy for us to fall into creature comforts and habits. We [Naturopathic Doctors] are seeing rising anxiety and depression. When we stay at home for so long, our comfort zone shrinks... Take steps to get yourself out again... Get your brain and body used to those experiences out in the real world... Spend time outside with friends and family just to get social exposure. Make sure you’ve got those hobbies in place that keep you active and keep you having a purpose… Make sure you’ve stimulating yourself and eating a good diet. Whole foods and grass-fed meats. And veggies”

“I actually started ND Consult Live prior to COVID [and when] COVID hit, that was the nudge from the universe to continue on this path. So, here we are.”

Indeed, here we are. In the age of 2020, when nothing has gone as planned, the universal truth of “Vis medicatrix naturae” the body’s natural ability to heal itself, proves true.

There you have it, how to stay healthy during a global pandemic with professional advice from a Naturopathic Doctor. Yes, 2020 has been challenging and unprecedented. In the face of the challenges, some good things have emerged from the shut down of the world.

Zoom out a bit. Look at your own life.

If your life were a pie chart, make sure to carve out a slice for your mind, body and spirit. You are SO worth it. Take good care of yourself. You’re the only one who can! And the next time you have a physical symptom or problem that ails you, instead of filling yet another prescription, empower yourself with Naturopathic Medicine. ND Consult Live can lead you to explore the ways Naturopathic medicine could help your unique, complex situation.

Let me know in the comments, what is one sustainable step you can take today to support your health naturally, from the inside out?

Live Well, my friends.