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Mindfulness-Take Your Power Back

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You're running late and cant find your dang keys. Oh crap, you forgot to feed the cat. Gotta do that real quick. You quickly fantasize of gibing your least favorite coworker a piece of your mind if you one morsel of shit for being late. Then they give you the wrong drink at Starbucks. Not only wrong, but decaf. Very quickly you may resort to the thought, "F this day." But you don't have to do that. Here are some tips to channel into chill-mode even in the presence of chaos.

1- just breathe.

there is power in the breath. The yogis use breath as "prana". The life force. There are many different breathing techniques and schools of thought out there. the important part? Just pick one and breathe. There is the 6-4-6-4, inhale to a 6 count, hold for four, exhale to a six count, hold for 4. The lions breath- a deep slow, full inhale and a vicious, aggressive tongue out mouth open, lions roar exhale. No joke, super freeing. amazing way to rid the body of pent up energy.

ANy way you choose to breath, just breath. The simple act of switching your focus off your troubles and onto your breath gives you freedom in that moment. Breathing in the first thing we do when wee enter this world and the last thing we do before we die. the true, vital essence of life. The breath provides life. the yogi's are on to somethin', y'all.

2- Name the trouble. 

Yeah, I'm on my period and it sucks. Or I just got into a fight with my teenager and that sucks. I stubbed my toe. That sucks too! No matter how big or small you perceive them to be, your problems are valid. 

Say it with me. My problem is ________ and IT IS VALID.

No comparing yourself to others, no judgement, no "should-ing|" on yourself. (To be clear, "Should-ing" on yourself is saying things like, "Oh I should have done this" or I shouldn't feel like that. That's B.S. Stop it! Your feelings are valid. They're an indicator to tell you something is not right. LISTEN CHILD! Should-ing on yourself is like shitting on yourself. get it? its funny because they sound the same.) Anyways,

 Name the trouble, Babe. The first step to accepting something is acknowledging it.

3-Let it Go.


Especially if there's nothing you can do to change it. So little is truly within our complete  control. Shit happens in life. Heartache, Disappointments, what others may say or do or project on you, none of that is within your realm of control. so ya know what? There is literally nothing you can do to change it. so are you going to allow that thing to have power over your emotions and thoughts? How much more time could you free your mind from worry if you find the power to say, you know what? I cant change that. 
It is what it is.

Let it go doesn't mean suddenly be on board, you don't have to approve or like something to let it go. Letting it go is similar to (and could be) like forgiveness.. Forgiving someone doesn't make what that person did okay. It has nothing to do with presence or lack of remorse or even that other person really. It is about realizing this thing is beyond your control. It is what it is. And you choose to take your power back surrounding that thing. No more worry. Put it in the past. When you think of it, remember, it is what it is and move on by choosing a positive thought to replace your worry or reminder.

There is so much power in the breath, naming the trouble and letting things go. That's how you can take back your power with mindfulness, friend. Imperfectly and one step at a time.